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Trapped in a room with noise (WIP) for string quartet and tape


Remnants II (2023) for open instrumentation ensemble, premiered with large-scale projected score as part of the Future Projections premiere concert


Tiny Little Worlds (2023) for solo percussion and fixed media commissioned and premiered by Rebecca Lloyd-Jones 

Remnants I (2023, with text by Rani Tesiram) for open instrumentation ensemble, premiered at the Creative Arts Research Institute International Women's Day event

A Kingfisher (2023) for voice and piano, recorded by Kayleigh Pincott


Sticks, Twigs, Branches (2022) for electric guitar, three violins, and prepared piano with extended techniques. 12' 

created for the Decibel Score Player


Metamorphosis (or, there's something tragic about the life of a butterfly) (2022) for piano, violin and cello. 10' 

commissioned by the Muses Trio, recorded by Corella Recordings. Now available on Spotify


Plumage (2022) for piano, viola, cello & vibraphone. 10' 

commissioned and premiered as part of the Summers Night Project

Sunset Songs (2022) for two vibraphones and two marimbas. 25' 

scheduled for performance by Early Warning System percussion group

For 3 Voices (2022) for vocal trio or layered soloist. 5' 

recorded individually by Emma Tomlinson and Jaidyn Chong

Venus Flytrap (2021) for piano, Bb clarinet and viola. 10' 

commissioned by the Night Window Trio 

Fireflies (2021) for mixed chamber ensemble. 7'-10' 


Mushrooms (2019) for alto voice, Bb clarinet, piano and cello (text by Sylvia Plath). 7'

premiered in Ian Hanger Recital Hall, QCGU

The Whispered Shout  (2019) for wind quintet and spoken word (text by Kate Dyson). 5'

commissioned by the Anemoi Quintet for Women of Noise Concert 2018

Jacarandas (2018) for harp, flute, alto flute, bass flute and cello. 7' 

premiered in Ian Hanger Recital Hall, QCGU

Menagerie (2018) for mixed octet. 3' 

commissioned by Queensland Symphony Orchestra

K'gari (2017) for wind septet. 4' 

premiered during Reconciliation Week concert series at Queensland Conservatorium



Waves (WIP) for piano and string orchestra 

Swooped! (2021) for level 3.5 concert band. 4' 

commissioned by ABODA Queensland, premiered by Sunshine Coast Youth Orchestra

The Anthill (2020) for full orchestra. 3' 

commissioned by Women of Noise Virtual Orchestra 2020

Tuska (2018) for Level 4 concert band. 4' 

winner of the 2019 Australian Women's Wind Band Composition Award. Available for purchase at

Tango for Piano by Igor Stravinsky, orchestrated for wind orchestra. 3' 

premiered during the Australian National Band and Orchestra Conference 2018

Euphoria (2018) for brass ensemble. 7'

premiered by Queensland Conservatorium Brass Ensemble at Tyalgum Music Festival 


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